Colomba Colaricci

F, #142, b. 1901, d. March 1918
     Colomba Colaricci was born in 1901; Colomba was named after her father Felice's sister, who died two years earlier. She was the daughter of Felice Salvatore Colaricci and Angela Pitoscia. Colomba Colaricci died in March 1918 at died of Spanish Flu, Bojano, Campobasso, Italy; Her brother, Filippo, described her death as follows: "At this time an epdidemic had started. The epidemic was "Spagnola". The epidemic was killing a lot of people. In the month of March in our neighbourhood a friend of my sister Colomba got sick and after a few days she died. My sister went to the funeral with some of her friends. The girls all wanted to carry their dead friend's body by hand to the cemetary. A few days later my sister Colomba got sick and died a few days later. My brother Angelo took her death worse than everyone else. He was the one weeping very much for her loss. In our family we all became ill except my brother Angelo. (...) In 1918 my family lived very quietly mourning the death of my sister Colomba. My brother Angelo was still taking it ery badly and would always pay a visit to the cemetary. No one was able to take him away from there."