Mario ( Pasquale ) Colaricci

M, #16, b. 3 August 1918, d. 29 November 2003
Mario Colaricci (mugshot)
     The name Mario was chosen as the name his father Felice wanted. However, his mother Angela wanted to name him Pasquale, the name of her brother who had died two years earlier. His third name, Alfonzo, was given to him by his father for the name of the Saint Day on which he was born. Mario ( Pasquale ) Colaricci married Maria Colalillo. Mario ( Pasquale ) Colaricci was born on 3 August 1918 at Boiano, Campobasso, Italy. He was the son of Felice Salvatore Colaricci and Angela Pitoscia. Mario ( Pasquale ) Colaricci died on 29 November 2003 at Toronto, Ontario, Canada, at age 85.